Travel Blog: What’s next for Costa Cruises?

Within the past 2 Months, Costa Crocieres, a European Cruise Line owned by Carnival Corporation has been through a lot! On January 13, The Costa Concordia collided into the rocks off of the island of Giglio, Italy, killing 25 and leaving 7 still missing and presumed dead. Just a few days ago, The Costa Allegra, a smaller and older ship, had a fire in its Engine room. This event left passengers stranded without power, or running water for days. Luckily, all of the Allegra’s passengers and crew are safely back on land in Victoria, Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

I understand that in the next year or so, many travelers will be more cautious, and book on another line, but eventually I hope that Costa will make a comeback as “Europe’s Number One Cruise Line”. A comeback in the industry for Costa may require a bailout from Carnival Corp. in Miami. Unfortunately, even though cruise bookings have not decreased that rapidly yet, I would give it some time, and there will be a drop. Costa Crocieres is in big trouble and has a reputation that is getting worse by the minute.

Here is the link to an article on the topic: Click Here!


The Costa Concordia off the island of Giglio, Italy


The Costa Allegra arriving in the Capital of Seychelles after an engine room fire this past week

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