Apps for iPad

I am really enjoying my new iPad, and I have found some great apps. For my love of art, I have found Sketchbook Express, which is the great, even though it’s the free version of Sketchbook Pro for iPad.
I decided to get iPhoto, even though I have better photo management and editing programs for our iMac Desktop. I was surprised to find that the new iPhoto has a lot of interesting editing effects that I will try, even though I won’t do much more than brightening up some photos. It is a very organized program that I recommend to every iPad owner!

The WordPress app is a necessity for every blogger. You can view your stats, manage your blogs and sites, and add new posts, as I am doing right now. In fact, I think it is easier to use WordPress from the iPad than on a computer.

As of games, I will only mention Words with Friends and Tiny Tower, my favorites. Try them out, Tiny Tower is free, and the free version of Words with Friends is the same, just with ads.

If any reader has an app suggestion, just leave a comment.



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