My Day at the Place “Where Dreams Come True”


Firstly, I am amazed by the vast size of the Park. Even after parking and taking the tram to the Ticket Center, there was still another Mile and a Half to the Magic Kingdom. We took the Disney ferry, one of the two options to get into the park.

As of rides, I’m not the biggest fan. This was more for the overall experience. I went on “its a small world”,

I also went on the “Regal Carousel, which was just about as much as I wanted to do.

We saw the “Celebrate a Dream Come True” Parade, and had lunch at The Plaza Restaurant. After a great lunch, we discovered Disney’s best kept secret. With only a 5 minute wait (not using Fast Pass), we got pictures with Mickey and Minnie, no crowds, and no separate charge at all. For the characters outside around the park, there were long lines to take pictures. For the two most popular characters, there was no wait inside the Town Square Theater. I don’t understand this!


Heres some other pictures from The Magic Kingdom:







And on the way out of the park, we took the monorail, which I was intrigued with since I have been learning about them in Technology Class at my school.


Good Night, and “May all your dreams come true”



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