A Baseball Game at Tropicana Field

Yesterday afternoon, we saw the Tampa Bay Rays play my favorite team, the NY Yankees!

At first glimpse of the Ray’s Stadium, “The Trop” as they call it, I realized that the Rays run a different type of operation. First of all, they have a dome, an indoor stadium, air conditioned at 72 degrees at all times. That also means there’s fake grass, Astro Turf. Free parking on Sundays here, never would that happen in NY. They let kids onto the field, Astro Turf as I said, not grass, but more like carpet, after the game. Never would that happen at Yankee Stadium.

I’m still a Yankee fan, but I like the way they run things down here, less for a profit, more for fun.

Compared to the Yankees, who have fans worldwide, the Rays have a small fan-base. The issue is, to be a real fan of a team, you need to grow up with that team. A good group of Florida’s population have moved here from other places for retirement. They have already selected their team of choice. (Normally somewhere in the Northeast, the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Mets, Pirates, etc.). That is why the seats were packed with Yankee fans. The Yankees also play Spring Training games here in the Tampa Bay area, so it’s like their second home.

If its not a team from the East Coast, odds are, the stadium will have tons of open seats. I mean 10 to 20 thousand open seats!

The ballpark is small compared to the beautiful home of the New York Yankees, but still a great venue.


I sit here now, watching the sunrise as the birds dive into the water for their fish breakfast, and the dolphins playfully jump.

Have a wonderful day, and for those off from school this week, or on vacation from work, Enjoy!



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