The Last Day and why I’m crazy about the Sunrise….

I woke up today, and watched another beautiful sunrise
Here it is:

Why do I love the sunrise? Well, as a photographer who jumps at every chance he can get, I love the sunrise. It gives me a great photo opportunity practically everyday. It is also a symbol of the metamorphosis between night and day. Every living thing on the planet revolves around the sun, and the sun just happens to contribute to a great photo, or in this case, some great Time Lapse videos!

Well, unfortunately, our trip has come to an end. As I write this, I am sitting in our rental car, driving back to Orlando International from St. Petersburg after a few great days at the beach, the pool, and up on the balcony looking down at the intercostal between St. Pete Beach and St. Pete.

I hope you have enjoyed all of my trip updates and photos! I am proud to say that this has been my best couple of days for Blog views since I started this new blog.

An album of my pictures will be up on my main website ( I will most likely get them up there by tomorrow afternnoon.

Thanks for reading, and please continue to do so!



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