Honoring the RMS Titanic

On this day, 100 years ago, in the North Atlantic Ocean, the “Unsinkable Ship”, White Star Line‘s Newest Royal Steam Ship, The Titanic, received 7 Iceberg Warnings while on its Maiden Voyage.

At 11:40PM, when some passengers were asleep, lookout Frederick Fleet spotted an iceberg dead ahead. The iceberg struck the ship on the starboard side of her bow.
Fast forward through a number of hours of terror, and you reach 2:05 AM Sunday April 15, 1912. At this time, the last lifeboat left the ship. Out of the 2,227 people onboard, a little bit more than 1,500 were not yet on a lifeboat. 12 minutes later, Captain Edward Smith, very experienced with the White Star Line, radioed “Every Man for himself”. In fact, after this Maiden Voyage, Smith planned to Retire. Minutes later, the ship went to its final resisting place, along with the brave and incredible, Captain Smith, and between 1,400 and 1,514 (depending on which source you look at) passengers, rich and poor.

Today I wanted to take the chance to honor these people, who died because of not just one person, but a whole company; White Star Line, who made an innocent mistake and figured that there ship, marketed as “Unsinkable”, would never be part of a disaster of any size.

Check back later today for the new Photo of the Week, and check back tomorrow for some insight on how the RMS Titanic‘s story and other factors affect the cruise industry, and keep people from going on cruises.
Have A Great Saturday!


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