The Role that the RMS Titanic plays in the Cruise Industry, and other factors that keep people from Cruising

100 years ago at this moment, the news of the Titanic’s Failure was reaching land. Many passengers were on board the Carpathia, heading to New York.
Today, there are people who won’t go on a cruise because of the Titanic.
I have heard people say “I have seen the movie Titanic one too many times”. Even though safety is considered much more of a priority now, and we are using modern technology on these ships, some people still won’t do it.

Some of the other reasons people don’t go on cruises

-“I will get sea sick.”

-“It’s too expensive!” (Well, those are the people that go to Disney World every year, and Disney is more expensive)

-“I will get bored” (There are so many activities! You can barely tell you’re on a Ship) There is plenty for kids to do too, and it’s not that bad as of crowds of kids, even during Spring Break!

-“I will feel trapped” (Many ships nowadays do a very good job making you feel like your not trapped at all, like Oasis of the Seas, very open.)

-“Cruising is dangerous” (Very common excuse now because of the Concordia and other disasters)
As I said above, safety is a major priority.
It is more safe to go on a cruise, than ride in a car, based on the number of injuries/deaths per year. *on average

I would like to thank Mikey Faust from Mikey’s Cruise Blog and Dave Rist for some insight on the factors that keep people from Cruising.


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