The Photo of the Week: Olympics of the Visual Arts 2012 Project


My Friend, Joe working on the Table

You can tell that this is me because of the Royal Caribbean Cruises T-Shirt :lol:!

Well, you are looking at a major project in the works. Olympics of the Visual Arts is a New York State Art Competition. This year, I am competing along with 3 of my friends, Aidan, Joe, and Jack. We are entering in the Industrial Design Category. The Task: Design and Create a Functional Table Setting for 4 based on the Artist of our choice. We chose Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish Sculptor, Photographer, and Environmentalist. The Rocks that you see (above) are based off of Goldsworthy’s Rock Wall at Storm King Art Center in Cornwall, NY, and The Table you see is based off of one of his more famous works, Rowan Leaves & Hole:


Look Familiar? 🙂

Well, the Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA) Competition is on May 2nd in Saratoga, NY. I will keep you all posted.

Speaking of Art and Photography, My Art Teacher, who is also a Photographer for Weddings, etc., has just renovated her website, I think it looks great, especially with the integration!
Check it out: Mary Kelly Photography

Have a Great Week to Come everyone!


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