Photo of the Week: Special Edition

This past week, I competed in the Olympics of the Visual Arts in Saratoga, NY.
I worked on the Industrial Design category this year, which is surprising, as you would think I would compete in the Photography category. This year, the photography category was all about photographing emotions, which I don’t find very interesting. I am more in to photographing nature and landscape. Either way, it turned out for the better! I worked with a few of my friends and we placed second in this statewide competition.

The assignment this year was as follows:

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – Table Setting for 4.
de·sign: n. A graphic representation, especially a detailed plan for construction or manufacture.
There is more to hosting a successful dinner party than just good food. How a table is set and careful attention to the design of the dishes, flatware, glasses, and serving dishes, as well as table linens and a centerpiece, go a long way to create the desired ambiance for a dinner or banquet. Most cultures and societies have elaborate customs for certain dinning events. Research the design history of dishes and utensils and the dinning customs of other cultures. Create a functional table setting for four based upon the work of an artist of your choice. Your solution should at a minimum include dishes, silverware, and glasses of your own original design and creation. Creativity, originality, and research are very important in your solution. Your entry should be displayed with a portfolio that will include all of your research, documentation of your creative problem solving, original sketches, reflections, and written notes.
Your table setting should be for a minimum of 4 guests, and surface area of table cannot exceed 16 square-feet. No water or other liquids may be used in your display, and will need to be simulated with other materials if part of your entry. All entries should supply their own table to exhibit their table setting. Evidence of your research, brain storming, creative problem solving, and selection process should be included in your portfolio. Display your portfolio with your problem solution.

We created a table and table setting for 4 from scratch based on the British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy. A full binder-Portfolio filled with research and step by step on how we made the table and everything on it was also necessary.

Here are the pictures that you’ve been waiting for:


You’re looking at the fully set, and very colorful table. The separate elements within the table setting are below:
You can compare Goldsworthy’s work to ours.

Goldsworthy’s “Rowan Leaves and Hole”

Our Table based on “Rowan Leaves and Hole”

Goldsworthy’s “Rocks, Broken and Scratched”

Our handmade model of “Rocks, Broken and Scratched”, as printed on our cloth napkins.

Goldsworthy’s “Pebbles around a Hole”

Our Plates based on “Pebbles around a Hole”

Goldsworthy’s “Icicles joined by Saliva”

Our Centerpiece based on “Icicles joined by Saliva”. Ours is joined by Hot Glue though! 🙂

Everything you have seen pictured above was handmade.

Now, you are probably worn out from reading this all, but I must make my Kentucky Derby Pick for this evening:
In the past 6 years, I have picked 4/6 winners. Barbaro, Street Sense, Big Brown, and Super Saver. This year, I am going for Take Charge Indy, ridden by my favorite jockey, Calvin Borel. I don’t know what will happen this afternoon, but I won’t pick the favorite, and at this time, when I’m typing this, he is not the favorite. His odds are dropping though.

Have a Great Rest of the Weekend and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Tiene un gran día!


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