A Beautiful Weekend to Plant Flowers- Photo of the Week

Yes, as the title says, it has been a beautiful weekend. I spent a good portion of yesterday, and a little bit of time today planting flowers outside. The most popular flower at our house this year is the Vinca, pictured below:





I also planted two tomato plants in a Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, as advertised on Televsion.

Here is a picture:


I will make sure to post some updates in the future on my tomato plants!

These Photos were taken with my New Retina Display iPad.
It’s incredible how clear these images came out, but I still love my Nikon ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry the Photo of the Week is coming so late!
Have a Great Week, and look for a special surprise right here starting on Friday if all goes as planned!



3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Weekend to Plant Flowers- Photo of the Week

  1. Thanks to both of you!
    It seems that the purple and white flower with the yellow center was starting to die, as it’s petals were dried and curled up underneath. That made the petals look farther apart.
    Mikey, I like the vibrant one too! That’s why we picked those!

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