Views of Upstate New York and the Adirondacks

Now wouldn’t you think that someone with a travel blog would tell you when he is going to travel?
Well I didn’t say anything ahead of time, but here I am!
I am with my family, visiting some great friends of ours in Quebec. We are staying at their home right on the St. Lawrence River for the long Memorial Day Weekend. How Beautiful!

I will be sharing lots of photos, but today, I have some pictures from our 8 hour drive from the Hudson Valley, through the Real upstate New York, and into Quebec. I call the Adirondack region the real upstate New York because it is, contrary to the belief that upstate New York is anything north of New York City (including where we live, just an hour north of the city.)

Here you go: Enjoy!

Taken out the window of our Moving Car.

I was trying to focus my camera to get a great shot of the sunset in the mountains, but I ended up accidentally focusing in on the pollen on the car window. It made for a neat photo!

Exposed Rock in the Adirondacks is like heaven for Earth Science people like me!

This one is slightly blurry from the moving car, but I just love it!

Have a Great Day, and enjoy the Long Weekend!


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