The Sea is Calling…

And we’re answering it Royally on Royal Caribbean, but I still love Norwegian Cruise Line. (They have similarities, but distinct differences too!)

We are enjoying our second sea day onboard the Serenade, and as any past cruiser should know, our routine sounds pretty much like “Breakfast, Rest, Lunch, Snack, Second Snack, Dinner, and then we end another day stuffed to the gills. “Carpe Diem” as the Romans said!

Yesterday, we passed the island of Stromboli near Sicily, Italy. Stromboli is an active Volcanic Island with toxic gases coming out of the top as I type, just not harmful unless you are at the crater.

Here are some photos of Stromboli:



The view from our balcony, taken from my iPad this afternoon:


That’s all for today!


4 thoughts on “The Sea is Calling…

  1. You are indeed living *each day* o the fullest even if it means eating and relaxing on your ship. Stay cool under your gorgeous hat! Looking forward to more ….

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