Buenos Días from Barcelona

Yes, this is it. The last blog I will be posting from Europe.

Yesterday Morning, we waited in about a 30 second line that turned out to be a crowd of Spaniards who didn’t know what “Mid-Ship” meant, and there fore, instead of walking towards the Security people to disembark, they thought it would make sense to wait until someone guided them over.
After that, which was barely a speed bump at all, we practically strolled off the ship.

We met our tour guide about a half hour later, and went straight into the action of Barcelona.
We visited La Segrada Famalia Basilica, designed by Antonio Gaudi
Here are some photos of La Segrada Famalia, the Church of the Sacred Family.


Opposite Facades, one from Gaudi’s Time- until the late 1920s, and one Modern, from the late 20th Century.

I have two more photos for you before we head to the Airport,

The 1992 Barcelona Olympic Stadium

And last, but probably the best,

How do you like this view of Barcelona?

I will update the blog in NY!


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