Photo of the Week: August 19-25 “Flashbacks from the Serenade” Part 1

As I said in a post yesterday, I will be highlighting the Serenade of the Seas over the next week with these “Flashbacks from the Serenade”. I will highlight the ship’s interior and exterior along with a very odd occurrence which took place while the ship was at sea. I will get to that story later this week though.

For now, here is the first Photo of the Week since we returned from our vacation, and keeping with the theme, “Flashbacks from the Serenade”, this is a photo of the beautiful Serenade of the Seas that I took while perched high atop the cliffs of the Greek Isle of Santorini.


And one of the Serenade docked in Barcelona, the Ships home port, where one cruise ends and another starts:


Keep Reading SWH Photography and Travel Blog all throughout the week for more “Flashbacks from the Serenade”



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