12 Photos of 2012 Photo Poll

For the past two weeks, I have compiled a selection of my best photos taken in 2012. You may wonder what makes then the best. Well, many of them were selected by you! The readers of my blog. The most viewed blog posts contained many of my favorites, which means there is a relation between views and incredible photographs.
There are twelve photos, which came out of a collection of over 3,000. If that doesn’t sum up 2012 as a photographic year, nothing does!

They are numbered, so keep that in mind when I speak about voting below.
Here they are:


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5


Photo 6


Photo 7


Photo 8


Photo 9


Photo 10


Photo 11


Photo 12

Think about which of the photos is the best in your mind, even go back and look through them again, as your decision is important to me. Once you have decided which of the numbered photos you like the most, you can do a number of things to vote. You can vote anonymously in the poll below, leave a comment on this blog post, also below, or you can send an email with your selection to swhphototravel@yahoo.com

Here is the poll if you choose to vote this way.

Whichever way you choose to vote, please do so!



15 thoughts on “12 Photos of 2012 Photo Poll

  1. Hey Spencer! They’re all awesome and it was a tough decision. I voted for number 3. Like a postcard. Makes me want to hop on a plane (or cruise) to go visit!

  2. Like you I’m a foodie and photographer so I joined our two passions and voted for nbr. 10 . But as the others have said it was a tough choice as at least 7 others were on my list.

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  4. Spencer, I’m in a bit of a quandry….the photo in Santorini, balcony, table and chairs, does not seem to be among the 12 you asked for a vote ? Perhaps I’m just half blind ! lol

    • You are quite right. I loved that photo from the start, but it must have gotten mixed in with others, and one how, I made the mistake of not putting it into the poll. I am thinking of switching it out with another photo that hasn’t gotten any votes yet. Not the best scenario, but I can’t think of a better solution at this point.

  5. Hi Spencer! Great pictures! I voted the other day. I had William and Kathryn vote this morning, but am not sure if their votes went through, since I already voted. They picked 5 and 4. If their votes didn’t record, please add them to your tally!

    • They didn’t go through since you already voted, but I will add them to my tally. Tell Kathryn I knew she would pick number 4 from the start. It actually won an award so tell her she has a good eye!
      Thanks to the three of you for voting.

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