Hudson Valley Art and Writing Awards Winning Photos (Mine!)

For the third year in a row, I entered the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which starts out on a regional level as the Hudson Valley Art and Writing Awards.
Awards are given in a variety of categories, 18 to be exact, and I entered 14 of my best photos, selected with the help of my art teacher.
On the regional level, I won a Gold Key for the 3rd year, the top prize, along with three silver keys, the second best prize. Here are my award winners

My Gold Key Winner- Positano and the Amalfi Coast of Italy from above

The Silver Key Photographs:

The Hummingbird at the Feeder

Looking out at the Water

The Happiest Place on Earth

Now, my Gold Key Photo goes on to the national level for judging.

For the second year in a row, I think that my silver key photos are better than gold, but the art community thinks else wise.

Remember, the 12 Photos of 2012 Poll is still open, so if you have not yet voted, there is plenty of time. It is a heated race this year, and I am surprised that there are no standout winners. There are seven contenders out of the twelve that could pull ahead with just a few more votes.

Keep the votes coming!


The Role that the RMS Titanic plays in the Cruise Industry, and other factors that keep people from Cruising

100 years ago at this moment, the news of the Titanic’s Failure was reaching land. Many passengers were on board the Carpathia, heading to New York.
Today, there are people who won’t go on a cruise because of the Titanic.
I have heard people say “I have seen the movie Titanic one too many times”. Even though safety is considered much more of a priority now, and we are using modern technology on these ships, some people still won’t do it.

Some of the other reasons people don’t go on cruises

-“I will get sea sick.”

-“It’s too expensive!” (Well, those are the people that go to Disney World every year, and Disney is more expensive)

-“I will get bored” (There are so many activities! You can barely tell you’re on a Ship) There is plenty for kids to do too, and it’s not that bad as of crowds of kids, even during Spring Break!

-“I will feel trapped” (Many ships nowadays do a very good job making you feel like your not trapped at all, like Oasis of the Seas, very open.)

-“Cruising is dangerous” (Very common excuse now because of the Concordia and other disasters)
As I said above, safety is a major priority.
It is more safe to go on a cruise, than ride in a car, based on the number of injuries/deaths per year. *on average

I would like to thank Mikey Faust from Mikey’s Cruise Blog and Dave Rist for some insight on the factors that keep people from Cruising.

My Florida Trip Photo Album

Hello Everyone!

Finally, the New Photo Album from our trip to Walt Disney World and St. Pete Beach is up on my Main Website, complete with a special background and page theme!

Here it is:    Click Here!

You can view them as is on the page (which I don’t recommend), You can click any Photo to Enlarge, or View as a Slide show (my favorite).
Enjoy the Photos!
Have a Good Night and Great Weekend to come!

4/7- 4/13 Photos of the Week

These Photos will not relate to Disney World (for the most part). You can check out my Walt Disney World Photos by clicking here.

Since I am on Vacation in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida, I cannot update this week’s Photo of the Week on my main website. So, here it is:

The Moon last night


This Morning’s Sunrise



And finally, a very unusual spectacle as we left Disney yesterday afternoon:


I will probably put up some more photos tomorrow.

Have a Great Weekend!

My Day at the Place “Where Dreams Come True”


Firstly, I am amazed by the vast size of the Park. Even after parking and taking the tram to the Ticket Center, there was still another Mile and a Half to the Magic Kingdom. We took the Disney ferry, one of the two options to get into the park.

As of rides, I’m not the biggest fan. This was more for the overall experience. I went on “its a small world”,

I also went on the “Regal Carousel, which was just about as much as I wanted to do.

We saw the “Celebrate a Dream Come True” Parade, and had lunch at The Plaza Restaurant. After a great lunch, we discovered Disney’s best kept secret. With only a 5 minute wait (not using Fast Pass), we got pictures with Mickey and Minnie, no crowds, and no separate charge at all. For the characters outside around the park, there were long lines to take pictures. For the two most popular characters, there was no wait inside the Town Square Theater. I don’t understand this!


Heres some other pictures from The Magic Kingdom:







And on the way out of the park, we took the monorail, which I was intrigued with since I have been learning about them in Technology Class at my school.


Good Night, and “May all your dreams come true”


The First Day in Orlando

We arrived last night, and were immediately hit by a wave of heat and humidity when the plane cabin door opened.

By saying that, you must have realized that it is hot, humid, and just what I have wanted for the past few months.

Tomorrow we will be in Disney World, and I will be sure to share my pictures but, Unfortunately, I am not able to put up pictures until tomorrow evening when we arrive in St. Petersburg (Tampa area). If I had the capability to share photos, I would have done so already.

Have a great night, and for everyone off from work or school for Good Friday tomorrow, Enjoy!